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Shebeen in Melbourne:
Australia's first not-for-profit bar giving back to developing world

mar 8
Charlotte Willis

Imagine if we told you that you could go out and have a big night but still feel good about it the next morning... Well, get your wallets out folks, and have a drink to celebrate this dream becoming a reality.

The first of its kind in Australia, Shebeen is a not-for-profit bar that takes proceeds from each drink and donates it to various projects in the developing world... >Read the full story

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Throwback Thursday- Shebeen Bar Opening-Melbourne
feb 28
Georgia Frances King

This week's Throwback Thursday comes in the mint-syrup-soaked form of Melbourne social entrepreneur Simon Griffiths, who we interviewed back in issue 40 (our Bright Young Things edition). 18 months ago, he told us about a little idea for a bar he was working on. But this isn't just a bar to go and perch at, drinking watered-down beer until your stomach is full and your wallet is empty... >Read the full story

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In a very different setting from South Africa’s original shebeens and after years of pop-ups and fundraising, Australia’s first not-for-profit bar has settled down permanently in Melbourne’s Manchester Lane.

Along with the inspiration for the bar's name, the bar’s South African roots grow deep. Venue manager Sharon Custers is from South Africa... > Read the full story

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Smith Journal

A Shebeen Story
22 feb
Chris Harrigan

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a good fortune will part with it more easily if he's guzzling alcohol. With the opening of Shebeen, Simon Griffiths and Zanna McComish are maximising this maxim to help projects in the developing world... >Read the full story

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The Age

Charity On Tap As Helping Others Never Tasted So Good
feb 5
Carolyn Webb

A new Melbourne bar is offering a guarantee for those who come to sample its wares - you will feel better in at least one sense the next day.

That's because Shebeen, opening in Manchester Lane off Flinders Lane later this month, is non-profit.
Co-director Simon Griffiths says it might be Australian's first permanent non-profit bar.
Overseas, a Washington DC ''philanthropub'' called Cause divides its overall profits between four charities... >Read the full story

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Three Thousand

Sarah Booth

Five years ago Simon Griffiths and uni pal Zanna McComish conceived of an idea to create a bar where all profits would be shot back in a bottle to the developing world. Without a manual to guide the concept's growth, Griffiths has spent the better part of the last 60 months tirelessly drumming up financial and creative support for this venture - and now finally he can sit down and knock the top off one of his prospectively life-changing ales... >Read the full story