As most great ideas do, the Shebeen concept originated over a beer. Uni mates Simon Griffiths and Zanna McComish had both spent time volunteering in Africa and fell in love with the numerous street bars they encountered. Zanna mooted the idea of starting a bar in Melbourne inspired by these make-shift watering holes that would raise funds for development projects overseas – thus, the Shebeen concept was born.

To ensure the venue's success, we've brought on board some of the most experienced people in Melbourne's hospitality sector; Vernon Chalker, owner of Bar Ampere, Collins Quarter, Gin Palace and Madame Brussels advises on all things hospitality; Adele Winteridge of Foolscap Studio is the brains behind the bar's fit-out; and Llawela Forrest and her team at Run Forrest look after Shebeen’s marketing, PR and communications.

Our uniforms were created in collaboration with Tin & Ed, and Alpha 60, and can be purchased online here.