We donate 100% of our profits, and your choice at the bar determines where they end up. Here's how it works... Every beer, wine, cider and margarita sale sends funds back to that drink's country of origin. We’ve made sure your money ends up in the right pockets by scouring the globe to find some of the smartest organisations tackling poverty in the developing world. So sit back and leave us to do the hard work while you feel good—even tomorrow morning.


You're a smart chap, you already know profits from the sale of each drink at Shebeen go to a kick-arse program in that drink’s country of origin. That fact alone may be enough to quench the thirst of some, but the more curious among you may be wondering: exactly how do we make sure Shebeen’s dollars land in the right pockets?

Well, we’re glad you asked. When it comes to donating the money you choose to spend with us, there’s no horsing around. See below for a detailed list of who and how we help.

Room to Read

Room to Read work in ten countries across Asia and Africa to develop children's literacy skills and provide girls with the support they need to complete their secondary education.

Profits from sales of our South African wines and Savannah Cider support Room to Read. It takes Room to Read only $1 to print one local language book. Every drink you buy from one of the above countries puts a couple of books in the hands of children in the developing world.


Digital Divide Data (DDD)

Digital Divide Data (DDD) offer training and job opportunities to disadvantaged youth in Laos, Cambodia and Kenya through their socially-responsible IT outsourcing services.

Shebeen’s support helps DDD grow their training and scholarship opportunities. It costs just $25 to cover one tertiary scholarship for one month – so grab a few Beer Laos with your friends and start putting someone through university.



KickStart develops innovative farming products and services and then markets them at a reasonable price to farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to help them create profitable businesses. Ca-ching!

KickStart’s impact evaluations show that for every donor dollar they spend, a farmer purchasing one of their pumps will generate $12 in profits and wages. Now that’s bang for your buck. Grab one of our Ethiopian beers and help KickStart pump the world to a better place.


One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund help self-employed farmers in Kenya and Rwanda grow their way out of poverty by supporting them to successfully plant, harvest and sell their own crops.

Every Tusker enjoyed at Shebeen will help One Acre Fund continue their work in Kenya. It only takes $10 to put a family of six through one month of the One Acre Fund program; grab a few Tuskers with friends and help One Acre put an end to food shortages in Africa.



mothers2mothers (m2m) uses a simple and effective model to eliminate transmission of HIV from mothers to babies and sustain the health of African women and children.

Profits from Windhoek, our Namibian beer, support m2m’s important work. Help us
make sure that pregnant woman living with HIV have access to a Mentor Mother and the lifesaving information and support they need.


Vision Spring

VisionSpring wants to ensure that everyone in the developing world has access to eyeglasses. They addresses a critical need by providing access to high-quality, affordable, and culturally appropriate optical goods and services to those living in hard to reach, low-income communities.

Every pair of glasses VisionSpring sells enables an individual to realise their full potential; providing the opportunity to succeed in school and continue being productive members of society. Just $10 allows VisionSpring to deliver eyeglasses to two individuals in the developing world. Help yourself to a couple of our Indian beers and generate enough money to provide sight- restoring eyeglasses to someone in India.


Root Capital

Root Capital grows rural prosperity in poor, environmentally vulnerable communities in Africa and Latin America by lending capital, delivering financial training and strengthening market connections for small and growing agricultural businesses.

Profits from the sales of our Mexican and Chilean drinks will fund Root Capital’s credit and financial training programs in those countries. Buy a Negro Modelo or a glass of Chilean wine and help Root Capital grow rural prosperity in Latin America.



If you really want to get down and dirty, here's how we figured out where our money should go...

Our Methodology


Despite 60 years of effort and billions of dollars spent on international aid, third-world poverty remains a massive problem. Globally, 793 million people are unable to read or write and 780 million have no access to clean drinking water. We look for organisations pursuing new ideas and approaches, in hope of generating more cost-effective and better solutions to these persistent problems.


1. Effectively addresses basic human needs. We back organisations that focus on the fundamentals: access to income, education and healthcare.

2. Effective in their operations. We look for organisations with self- sustaining business models who won’t need to rely on grants or donations long-term. Once an organisation is self-sustaining we’ll direct our funds to another promising organisation, beginning our cycle of funding support again.

3. Effective in their use of funding. We want bang for our buck.


We need to be absolutely certain that the Shebeen dollars are having a positive impact in the developing world. That’s why we only support organisations who are measurement maestros—if organisations aren’t measuring their impact they can’t prove the benefits of their model, and we aren’t interested in investing in them.


With 2.6 billion people worldwide living on less than $2 a day, wide-reaching solutions are crucial to reducing third-world poverty. We look for cost-effective and easily replicable ideas that have the potential to spread beyond small groups of people to change cities, countries and even entire continents.


We know quite a bit about the developing world, but we’re certainly not experts in investing to create impact. To make sure we’re backing some of the absolute best organisations in the world we decided to reach out to some of the smartest funders globally. We draw our fundees from the portfolios of the Draper Richards Foundation, Jasmine Social Investments, The Mulago Foundation, Peery Foundation and Skoll Foundation. We do this because we know they have already put each organisation they fund under the microscope, carefully reviewing their idea, approach, team and potential impact. They also work with fundees to set impact milestones and establish monitoring and evaluation frameworks to track progress. Piggybacking off the expertise and existing work of these funders not only saves us time, but more importantly gives us confidence that the organisations we fund are game-changers.

That said, the organisations we support are just a small sample of the many amazing projects, ideas and people out there making a very big impact in the developing world. Check out the funders we’ve worked with and explore the other projects they’re backing.